Causative agent: Mycobacterium bovis
M.bovis can cause disease in many species including man (9). Tuberculosis has been reported in bison (12,15,31)

Clinical signs:
The clinical signs of tuberculosis in bison include chronic weight loss, chronic cough and enlarged lymphnodes (12,15,31).

Postmortem findings:
Bison with tuberculosis may have tubercular abscesses or granulomas in the lymph nodes of the head and pharynx, and the thoracic and abdominal cavities (12).

In Canada, tuberculosis caused by M. bovis is a reportable disease. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency maintains monitoring and surveillance of this disease. The diagnostic test used in bison is the intradermal caudal fold skin test.

Treatment and Control:
The Canadian Food Inspection Agency administers a program designed to monitor and detect M. bovis infections in bison. In Canada, bison herds must achieve and maintain a negative herd status from the CFIA. In order to do this, all bison in the herd over 18 months of age must test negative to the caudal fold skin test. The negative herd status will remain in effect for 5 years. Testing 10 % of the herd annually may extend the negative herd status.


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