Bio Organic Stimulation Technology

In the fundamental understanding, the Bio-Organic means biologically living. HAF produces its entire product line based on Bio Organic Stimulation Technology; the feed products produced by HAF are 100% Bio Organic Feed. As every organic element has a nucleus (epicenter of all energy forms) in it, which sprouts to further growth. The Natural ingredients such grains, cereals and pulses have a nucleus in it, which makes them to sprout – when planted on land. During any mechanical process thermal energy is released, which transforms an Organic element to Inorganic factor.

Due to active human interferences at various stages in Feed Formulation and Manufacturing processes the finished product in the form of Animal Feed Concentrates attains an anomalous feature in its application perspective. Various Processes such as heat treatments and chemical treatments are highly prevalent in feed manufacturing Industry, which basically degrades the overall natural property of the feed ingredients and transforms the entire product with a new property and line of application. The basic intention behind these processes is to upgrade the quality of the feed, in order to enhance the general productivity of the Animal. But Animal and Birds are part of Nature and the Nature’s bed has appropriate feed for them to survive and excel productivity to its maximum genetic potential.

We at HAF have developed an indigenous line of production (Jet Surface Tension Grinding) wherein the basic size reduction of various ingredients is done in such a sophisticated manner that the natural property of the final feed remains undistorted, the nucleus of the ingredients remains live, which is very essential to supply core latent energy forms to the living animal. The available feed is highly nutritious and absolutely result oriented and that just because of its crude form. Finally, it has been a proved concept that Nature (Living Resources) Feeds Nature (Living Being) – any metamorphosis on feed ingredients, denaturalizes its application and utilization aspect (in Animal Nutrition Perspective). Animal digestive system is made for consumption of Natural Vegetation and its immediate by-products and not the processed value added stuff.

Does your Ruminant Need By-Pass Protein Feed

No, absolutely Not. Protein is the building block of the body, which is very essential for physical wear and tear of the body. For immediate nutrition energy factor has a vital role. By-Pass Protein Feeds are produced by human beings with the help of Advanced Feed Science Technology, wherein feed materials are passed through a number of chemical treatments or thermal treatments. Nature has already given the Natural By-Pass Contents in each and every Agro Product, which is according to the Natural Requirements of the ruminants. The further processing of these ingredients would be justifiable on individual basis, but Animals don’t need anything then what Nature gives. The Animal Productivity is surely hampered in the long term feeding system. Anyways Chemical treatments are not beneficial to be treated on food materials. It has been evident that value addition by food processing industry, has always created a new problem in the living world, which is in accordance with new emerging form of disease in Human and Animal World.

How should you evaluate an Animal Feed?

In general parlance, a farmer evaluates a feed in Protein or Energy Perspective. The important factor of evaluation is either discarded or unknown. This factor is called the TDN (Total Digestible Nutrients) value. The nutrients supplied through the medium of feed has to be effectively digestible. A herd of 7 Calves, is ought to have different digestibility due to different metabolic functioning. In other words how much you feed is not important, but a degree of effective feed utilization is of vital importance. At the end, a feed of any grade can be judged effectively in the post feeding result derivation stage. Many feed producers claim that half cooked feed (or steamed feed) is more digestible, but just think upon that did the calves used to get half cooked feed 200 year back? When the quality of milk was something very high then the existing one. With the help of advanced feed technology improvement in the productivity has been certainly attained but, it does not sustain for a longer time period. Just analyze the genetically modified Agricultural Seeds and the modern Poultry; we got the productivity at the cost of inviting some new form of disease in us. Nature has everything for us in the processed form and further processing the same is surely going to harm the end consumer. It’s just like cooking fruits (apples or mangos) and consuming, does that have any charm or nutrients from Human Nutrition perspective?

Feed Ingredients and Livestock Nutrition

feed Ingredients have a very vital role in the livestock nutrition. Nature has allocated a specific role and subsequent property to each and every feed ingredient generated through the Natures bed. There’s a specific role and property of Maize, Sorghum, Wheat, Barley etc in the livestock nutrition. HAF’s qualified Animal Nutritionist have effectively studied and acculturated the essential knowledge of Agro Ingredient Science in its entire product line of Animal Feed.  It’s evident from the global feed Industry experience that malfunction (manipulative usage) in the ingredient profile of the feed has demonstrated devastating outputs. The Mad Cow Disease, the Avian Influenza and The H1N1, is the output of illegitimate usage of feed ingredients against the Natural Laws. In some economically developed countries there’s a wide usage of Meat Bone Meal, Blood Meal and other Animal Origin Ingredients in the livestock and Poultry feed, which has resulted to new and complex disease epidemics in the Animal World. We strongly recommend to farmers that always opt for 100% Vegetarian ingredient based organic feed only. If you cannot endorse blessings, please avoid cursing.