Business Policy

Hindustan Animal Feeds follow a very rational and unilateral Business Ideology. Its very vital for Prospective Business Clients to have a thorough understanding of our operating pattern.

Product Pricing Policy

Product pricing factor is totally dependent on resource input basics. As a leading manufacturer of one of the widest product range we aim to use the best resource inputs in the form of Raw Material Inputs, Technical Inputs, Human Resource Inputs etc. Wherein we have no space for NEGOTIATIONS. Prospective clients interested in doing business with Hindustan Animal Feeds are requested to disconsider the scope of Price Negotiations. Outcome of such efforts will be absolutely disappointing on the negotiator part.

Quality Policy

It has been a tradition of Hindustan Animal Feeds to produce top notch quality products for the end user. If the animals and birds are benefitted from our products, definitely there will be a never ending sustained consumption of our produce. Any requests of quality compromise shall not be entertained whatsoever the magnitude of the business shall. We are absolutely professionally rigid in the quality aspects of our products.

Goodwill Maintenance

Hindustan Animal Feeds has gained enormous additions in its goodwill over the years. We are interested in maintaining our corporate image and goodwill by providing the best solutions, services and products to the global community. We will never execute any business activity at the cost of corporate image and goodwill.

Commitment Policy

It’s the mutual faith and trust that develop and expands future business scopes. To all with whom we are associated till this moment, we have always followed the fact of commitment that was mutually accepted at the time of executing the actual business process. Whatsoever the scope of expansion in business may be, violation of commitment or amending any clause of mutual agreement shall not be possible in dealing with Hindustan Animal Feed.

Trade Policy

In Domestic Business we execute all Business Activities on 100% Advance Payment basis through Bank RTGS/NEFT/ Cheque Deposit. While in Overseas Business we anticipate and execute business deal on funds transferred through Bank Wire Transfer only. We don’t execute overseas business on L/c at sight or SBRLC etc We respect the credit worthiness of our buyers, but as a policy of trade and business we execute business on the stated terms of business.

Association Policy

For Hindustan Animal Feeds, its business associates are much more than the actual physical business. We will be not be able to entertain any business activity in the mutually agreed business jurisdiction of our business associate. Also we don’t believe in appointing multiple business associates in a common business jurisdiction.