Product Development

Product Development

Nutritionists at Hindustan Animal Feeds (HAF) conduct Intensive Research and Development Programmes with extensive feeding trials on Animals and Birds of various breeds for several days, in order to formulate a perfectly blended animal feed and poultry feed. We aim to utilize the optimum genetic potential of the Animals and Birds to get the best possible output (in Milk, Meat and Egg Quality/Quantity Perspective) at a given quantity of feed with its adequate bio-applications. Presently we have discovered certain important nutrients required vitally for Animal Nutrition and Poultry Nutrition for excelling optimum quality and quantity performance. Based on these researches, HAF has developed a scientific product line for Manufacturing and Marketing under the registered Trade Mark of ANUPAM brand for various types of Animal and Bird Feeds. In general practice, the evaluation of any animal feed is done on the availability % of Protein, Oil, Fiber, etc. nutrient of the feed and the effective feed utilization factor is ignored, where we strictly consider and follow Feed Utilization Factor which is termed as TDN (Total Digestible Nutrients). As a result of such intensive R&D efforts, we have been able to mark our presence in various worldwide markets.

Product Development Process

Clinical Test Process (CTP): In the CTP stage each and every situation is in a controlled pattern or in other words a Live Lab Situation. Wherein each and every aspect is checked in different interval and scores of the same are recorded. Tests such as Pre feeding and Post feeding Salivary, Blood, Milk, Urine, Dung, (in livestock nutrition trials) etc are tested at different intervals in a full day during the entire CTM period, which is normally not less than 90 Days. The products formulated at the CTM Stage are handed over to the next team of Nutritionist for Natural Test Process.

Natural Test Process (NTP): here the CTP approved feed is being distributed to farmers located in different Geographical Locations living at various altitudes. During the NTP phase nothing is under Control, here the farmers have to feed the products as per their pattern for a stipulated period, no scientists or veterinarians visit the site, only the field supervisor go for routine updates. The products are critically tested by the farmers as per their individual practice. No scientific norms are issued or insisted to follow, but just a Natural course of feeding is done. At the end of the NTP, multiple results arrive and related findings are studied. A product quality, on perfect justification is then sent for commercial production process.

Likewise each and every product is formulated in the first stance and then after upgraded to higher quality efficiency from time to time.