About us

We, Hindustan Animal Feeds, (formerly known as Ingenious Industries) offer a wide selection of Animal Feed and Poultry Feeds & Supplements for your specific requirements. Established in the year 1998-99, we are one of the leading Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Compound Animal Feeds and Poultry Feeds, Fodders and top end Animal Nutritional Diet for various types of animals and birds. We possess a perfect blend of latest technologies and highly qualified veterinarians and nutritionists to produce a range of wholesome animal fodder.

Our products are offered under the brand name of HAF, a trusted and reliable brand since 1999. The company is a one stop shop to source quality Aqua Feed, Animal Feed, Animal Fodder, Animal Nutrition, Poultry Feed, Poultry Nutrition, Cattle Feed, Crocodile Feed, Pig Feed, Goat Feed, Sheep Feed, Livestock Feed, Camel Feed, Horse Feed, Deer Feed, Alpaca Feed, Llama Feed, Bear Feed, Bison Feed, Deer Feed, Duck Feed, Goose Feed, Emu Feed, Elephant Feed, Ostrich Feed, Flamingo Feed, Feline Feed, Game Bird Feed, Bird Feed, Bird Seed, Kangaroo Feed, Pigeon Feed, Parrot Feed, Chicken Feed, Layer Chicken Feed, Broiler Chicken Feed, Layer Concentrate, Broiler Concentrate, Quail Feed, Rabbit Feed, Turtle Feed, Tortoise Feed, Rodent Feed, Layer Poultry Feed, Broiler Poultry Feed, Turkey Feed, Pheasant Feed, Equine Feed, Ratite Feed, Rat Feed, Mice Feed, Hamster Gerbil Feed, Beef Cattle Feed, Cow Feed, Marsupial Feed, Swine Feed, Zebra Feed, Zoo Animal Feed, Wheat Bran, Yellow Corn, Animal Feed Hay, Dry Fodder, Animal Feed Barley, Barley and Feed Supplements other premium animal species.

What We Do

Hindustan Animal Feeds was started in 1998 by a man with a vision to expand and explore newer horizons in the field of Animal Nutrition. Today, we are a global leader in Animal and Poultry Nutrition with the widest product range (more than 650 Products) in the Modern World. Many of the world’s most successful farms and animal ranches rely on Hindustan Animal Feeds to deliver measurable business value. Hindustan Animal Feeds provide top notch nutrition solution that are Chemical Feed and Does not contain any synthetic nutrients, we are here to produce Quality Nutrition Solution/

Hindustan Animal Feeds pioneered the Global Nutrition Model (GNM), based on the principle of producing feed for the location where what is required, where it makes the best economic sense, with the least amount of acceptable risk. Hindustan Animal Feeds has a Global Foot Print with its presence in 32 Countries of the World

How we do it

Hindustan Animal Feeds helps companies derive the measurable business value that they have always been looking for expansion and progression in the field of Animal Husbandry and Poultry Nutrition. We provide one of the widest product range, with widest product selection for almost each and every stage of life process.

Who we are

Our Vision, Mission and Values -


“We will be a globally respected corporation.”


“Strategic Partnerships for Building Tomorrow’s Enterprise.”


We believe that the softest pillow is a clear conscience. The values that drive us underscore our commitment to:

Our Philosophy

We are constantly guided by the principles set by our founder (Mr. Mayur Keshwara) to achieve success in the animal feed sector. We strongly believe that when the customer benefits the business also prospers. Keeping this philosophy at the forefront, we created Anupam Vikas. It is a highly effective demand creation model aimed at providing customized solutions to the farmers for increased milk output. It has also helped them in enhancing productivity of the end produce. The successful initiative has made us one of the main leaders in this business. Our dedicated efforts in this regards have made us leading enterprise in Animal Nutrition Segment.