An ISO 22000 Certified Company

D&B D-U-N-S Number:65-050-1021

Brief Introduction

We, Hindustan Animal Feeds, offer a wide selection of Animal and Bird Feeds & Supplements for your specific requirements. Established in the year 1999, we are one of the leading Manufacturers and Exporters of Compound Animal and Bird Feeds, Fodders and top end Nutritional Diet for various types of animals. We possess a perfect blend of latest technologies and highly qualified veterinarians and nutritionists to produce a range of wholesome animal fodder.

Our products are offered under the brand name of ANUPAM, a trusted and reliable brand since 1999. The Company is a one stop shop to source quality feed for Poultry Dairy Livestock, Beef Animals, Cattle, Equine, Sheep, Goat, Horse, Camel, Pig and other premium Animal Species.

Due to active human interferences at various stages in Feed Formulation and Manufacturing processes, the finished product in the form of Animal Feed Concentrates attains an anomalous feature in its application perspective. Various Processes such as heat treatments and chemical treatments are highly prevalent in the feed manufacturing industry, which basically degrades the overall natural property of the feed ingredients and transforms the entire product with a new property and line of application.

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Business Policy

Hindustan Animal Feeds follow a very rational and unilateral Business Ideology. Its very vital for Prospective Business Clients to have a thorough understanding of our operating pattern.

Product pricing factor is totally dependent on resource input basics. As a leading manufacturer of one of the widest product range we aim to use the best resource inputs in the form of Raw Material Inputs, Technical Inputs, Human Resource Inputs etc. Wherein we have no space for NEGOTIATIONS. Prospective clients interested in doing business with Hindustan Animal Feeds are requested to disconsider the scope of Price Negotiations. Outcome of such efforts will be absolutely disappointing on the negotiator part.

It has been a tradition of Hindustan Animal Feeds to produce top notch quality products for the end user. If the animals and birds are benefitted from our products, definitely there will be a never ending sustained consumption of our produce. Any requests of quality compromise shall not be entertained whatsoever the magnitude of the business shall. We are absolutely professionally rigid in the quality aspects of our products.

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Product Development

Nutritionists at Hindustan Animal Feeds (HAF) conduct Intensive Research and Development Programmes with extensive feeding trials on Animals and Birds of various breeds for several days, in order to formulate a perfectly blended animal feed and poultry feed.

We aim to utilize the optimum genetic potential of the Animals and Birds to get the best possible output (in Milk, Meat and Egg Quality/Quantity Perspective) at a given quantity of feed with its adequate bio-applications. Presently we have discovered certain important nutrients required vitally for Animal Nutrition and Poultry Nutrition for excelling optimum quality and quantity performance.

Based on these researches, HAF has developed a scientific product line for Manufacturing and Marketing under the registered Trade Mark of ANUPAM brand for various types of Animal and Bird Feeds.

Likewise each and every product is formulated in the first stance and then after upgraded to higher quality efficiency from time to time.

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