R & D League

Research and Development League is the most important wing of Hindustan Animal Feeds. Its because of the non-tiring and monotonous efforts of the R&D League our products are being routinely updated to meet the challenging situations of Climate Change and Genetic Modification in the modern Animal and Poultry species.

Due active deforestation and global warming the climatological cycle of the nature has changed and at the same time the animal and poultry species have been genetically modified by the use of advance scientific inputs. Due to these causes, upgrading nutrition on fixed interval is the need of the hour.

Our Research & Development League

Dr. J. S. Steadwell
(Ph. D, R.V.R.C, U.K.)

Dr. Samuel O’ Drofa Barino
(Ph. D, Equine Nutrition U.K.)

Dr. Tito Marcus Rigo
(Ph.D Livestock Genetic Science – Australia)

Dr. Aloa Caberli
(Ph.D Livestock Nutrition- Denmark)

Dr. Joan Zumbargo
(Ph.D Energy Fusion – France)

Dr. Vivian Belee Jolly
(Ph. D, Equine Nutrition – Netherlands)

Dr. S. P. Tiwari
(Ph. D Cattle Nutrition)

Dr. Ravindra Bhaskaran
(Ph. D Poultry Nutrition)

Dr. (Miss) S. R Pepelaa
(Ph. D Rumen Micro Biology, Germany)

Dr. (Miss) S. P. Jyotiraditya
(Ph. D Cattle Nutrition)

Dr. S.S. Tiwari
(Ph. D Avian Nutrition)

Dr. Rajiv Bhagvat
(M.V. Sc. Poultry Nutrition)

Dr. T. Hariharan
(M.V. Sc. Ratite Nutrition)

Dr. C. Kathirvelan
(M.V. Sc. Pharmacology)

Dr. T. S. Kumaresan
(M.V. Sc. Animal Nutrition)