General Guidelines for feeding Ostriches

Feeding of Growing Birds

The pre-starter and starter mesh are complete rations and can be used as the only feed.
For the economic production of slaughter birds it is necessary to add lusern to the growth mesh, from 16 weeks of age.
It is important to gradually change over a period of 3 weeks from starter mesh to growth mesh with lusern to make sure the bird will eat.

Feeding of Breeding Birds

The resting period is March, April and May.
During this period there can be a gradual change to maintenance concentrate mixed with lusern, to enable birds to gradually loose condition.


Three weeks before the breeding season birds can gradually be changed to the finisher or breeding ration with 40% added lusern. The aim with flushing is to stimulate mating behaviour due to the body weight that increase.
Breeding period

Feed 60% ostrich breeding mesh and 40% lusern for optimal production. Total intake should be 2.2kg