Fattening/ Finishing stage

Growing emu need to be fattened to improve body weight (40kg) and FCR (5:1) at the time of marketing for table purpose. Offer finisher ration from 35 weeks age to slaughter or up to 12-18 months age. Bird yield 53% dressed meat and 3-4 liters of fat. Inclusion of vegetable fat at 3-5% in Emu diet will fetch better FCR and net returns since the birds at this age utilizes fat in an efficient way compared to the chicks of young age of less than 15 weeks. The sub-adults kept for breeding purpose need to be fed on maintenance feed specifically made for this purpose from 35 th week age to sexual maturity by 18-24 months.

 Important Facts Related to Fattening/ Finishing stage : 

  • Offer fresh required feed balance in respect of all the dietary nutrients for Emu birds.
  • Ensure proper floor space 100 sft per bird in terms of shelter and run.
  • Fencing must be at a height of 6 ft made of link mesh 2 x 4 inches to avoid jumping out of the pen
  • House separately male and female birds to avoid fighting
  • Do not store feed for more than a month. Such feed is vulnerable to damage the nutrients. Further avoid toxins in feed.
  • Do not mix the fresh bird stock with the existing one
  • Never change feed abruptly