Edward’s Pheasant (Lophura edwardsi)

Other Names: Annam Pheasant; hatinhensis – Hatinhensis Pheasant, Vo Quy’s Pheasant, Vietnamese Fireback

Range: Central Vietnam.

Subspecies: A possible race is the Vietnamese Pheasant L. e. hatinhensis. hatinhensis has a more northern range than edwardsi, which occurs to the south in north-central Vietnam and found in dense coastal-plain forests. DNA studies are ongoing to determine if the Hatinhensis is indeed a subspecies, a true species or perhaps even an inbred population of Edward’s Pheasants.

Habitat: Forests

Brief Description: They are a small species, with males being metallic blue with many shades that are seen in the sun light. The crest is white and shorter than most Lophura species; he has bright red facial wattles, red feet and a short tail. Hens are much duller, being overall brown with no visible crest. She has smaller and paler face wattles and red legs. Males will gain their adult plumage the first year.

Breeding Season: Varies among climate and region; usually begins in late March in the central US.

Clutch Size: 4 to 7