ANUPAM Pigeon Forage

Protein level in pigeon forage is around 17% which is the best level for laying eggs and for growth.

First: Fattening Feeds:
Normal pigeon feed of 17% protein (PF-0217) given at a rate of 120 gm for each bird:

  • These are formulas prepared specifically to go with all the growth stages of the local and imported bird. It provides them with high levels of protein and amino acids that is important for the growth, continuous repair of bone and muscle tissue and in disease resistance as well as in growing squab and laying eggs. In low protein forage, the birds do not resist illnesses and needs more time to recover and the death rate is higher. During the first stages of growth, protein need is higher and if there were a shortage in its level the growth stops.
  • It is also important to provide other basic ingredients such as vitamins and minerals. These two help organize the biological process for the equilibrium of the bird. These are added in specific amounts, these vitamins are:

Vitamin A
It raises the productivity level, growth and illness resistance. It is also important for the eye functions,
Vitamin B:
It has an important role in food assimilation.
Vitamin C
It is basically for stress resistance, raising the bird’s ability to resist illness and temperature variations. It also prompts growth.
Vitamin D
It has a direct effect of assimilation of Calcium and Phosphorus and in bone building.

Second : Feeds for Carrier Pigeon and Display Pigeon:
Premium Pigeon feed
Premium Pigeon Feed 17% protein (PF-0317) at rate of 100 gm per bird a day:

  • Hindustan Animal Feeds provides high quality specialized Pigeon Feed for Carrier Pigeons and Display Pigeons. The feed is Blended and Re-Blended Six times, in order to homogenize the entire feed Material, which drastically cut off’s the over all production line by minimum ten times.
  • This line can produce all kinds of feeds for all breeds of pigeons (broiler local and imported pigeon, carrier pigeon, and display pigeon). HAF’s Animal Nutrition Scientists guarantees conformity to the International Standards.
  • These Multiple Blended Feeds are characterized by its consistency and the lack of inaccuracy. Low Temperature and High Speed Grinding of feed increase its Nutritional Value and Disinfects the feed.
  • These feeds are homogenously proportioned to include Protein, Carbohydrates and energy, in addition to vitamins and minerals that are important for growth and for proper biological functions of the whole body.
  • The grains in these Multiple Blended feeds include high levels of energy that enables the pigeons to fly for long distances.

Benefits of ANUPAM PREMIUM PIGEON FEEDS to Breeders:

  1. Great reduction of the loss of feed, which leads to reduction of production cost and increasing the profitability.
  2. Good rate of food conversion and at a less marketing age.
  3. Race Pigeons need a balanced and high level of  protein feed. In PF-0317 protein is more digestible which makes pigeons obtain optimum benefit.
  4. The feeds contain ground components of high nutritional value, this would cover the pigeon’s nutritional needs for all stages.
  5. Fast processing of the feeds which enables the breeder to have fresh feed.
  6. The Quality of the feed is Guaranteed by our R & D Department that conform to the strictest International Standards.

Feeding Troughs:
They should be provided with suitable covers or barriers to avoid contamination.
Drinking Troughs:
They should be deep and protected from contamination.
The Feed Offering Method and Measuring the quantity:
Feed should be offered twice daily; morning and evening. Breeders should offer feed enough to be consumed within one to two hours, and then the remaining feed should be discarded. There should be enough troughs to take in all the pigeons at once.
If the remaining feed is large, the quantity of feed should be reduced. If, on the other hand, the pigeons finished the feed in an hour and started looking for more the feed amount should be increased. With experience the breeder will be able to estimate the proper daily amount needed for his pigeons.
Points to be taken into consideration when feeding pigeons:

  • The pigeons cannot consume mixtures of fine particles, ground grains are less hygienic and sucks moisture and rots faster. For all these reasons it is better to use ANUPAM Pigeon Feeds .
  • Pigeons consume more feed when the nutritional value of the feed is low and when they have squab.
  • The little squab are more affected when low nutritious feed is offered.
  • pigeon squabs need five to six weeks to be able to fly. This depends on the quality of feed and the caring of the parent pigeons, as there are uncaring pigeon parents.
  • Feed should not be offered on the floor, as it might get polluted with pigeon dirt and this might cause illneses.
  • Feed consumption is more in winter than in the summer time.
  • Coarse sand and mineral mixture () should always be available for pigeons.