Wheat Meal

What is Wheat Meal?

Wheat Meal is the grounded form of Indian Wheat of Grade-1. The grinding process is executed with the most advance Jet Grinding System available in the World. During the value addition process the raw material passes through various stage of production process ensuring the best in class the final product generation. During the production process the moisture content is reduced to below 10%, which make the wheat meal more suitable for using the same in high precision feed production. The raw material that has less moisture contents in it is more viable for over all feed performance and generation of fungal growth in the same has minimal scope.

Why we supply Wheat Grain in Processed Form?

It is to ensure the quality aspect of the product. Generally wheat is procured from different parts of the country and transported to nearest Port. Random quality checking is done but there are more than ample chances of defected millet getting infused in the international cargo by the domestic material suppliers – which finally creates disputes between the Buyer and the seller.

How do we supply Wheat Meal to our Global Buyers?

We procure Wheat from different parts of the country and transport it by Rail and Road to our Production site at Jamnagar. Where initial random sampling of the whole wheat grain is done and also basic lab analysis is also conducted. Then after the whole wheat grain is grounded by sophisticated feed mills which ensure the check and balance process of each and every bag of the raw wheat. The defected or sub standard wheat is returned back to the suppliers and only the best quality wheat is processed. The entire value addition process ensure the best in class product supply, free from corporate disputes and the final product that is coarse grounded product can be directly used for animal and poultry consumption process or can be used directly in the feed by the feed producers. In other words it’s a ready feed raw material or ready feed meal for direct animal feeding and poultry feeding.

Key Advantages:

  1. Uniform Quality Maintenance.
  2. Zero Atmospheric Packing, so longer shelf life.
  3. Zero Production and Processing Expense for Buyer.
  4. Safe Trade without any quality based apprehensions at mutual trade.
  5. Availability during February to the month of May every year
  6. Best alternative of Animal Feed Grains and Poultry Feed Grains
  7. Mammoth Supply Ability
  8. Proximity to well equipped ports (between 350 to 375 Kms)

Technical Specification of Wheat Meal (WM-010312)

Suitable: as Animal Feed Grain

Moisture (% Maximum)


Crude Protein (% Between)

10 -13.5

Crude Fat (% Between)

2 – 3.5

Crude Fiber (% Between)

2.5 – 8

Starch Content (% Between)

64 – 72.6

Crude Ash (% Between)

1 – 3.4

Sand Silica (% Between)

0.4 – 2

Natural Phosphorus Content (% Between)

0.10 – 0.52

Natural Calcium Content (% Between)

0.01 – 0.08

Foreign Matter



Latest Cultivation

Coarse Mash Size (Mash Between)

14 – 18



Ingredients Indian Wheat
Ingredient Profile 100% Vegetarian
Product Form Coarse Mash Form
Moisture % Maximum


Product Branding ANUPAM
Net Weight 39 Kgs When Packed
Product Pricing On Unit Basis (for each 39 Kgs Packing)
Production Capacity per Day 450 MT/Day
Factory Visit Not Permissible
Fumigation Aluminum Phosphide or Methyl Bromide (or any as per buyer specification)
Clinical Test Methodology As per IS:2052 Proximate Analysis on Dry Matter Basis
Outer Packing Poly Propylene (Milky White)
Price Offer On Ex- Factory Basis
Mode of Payment 100% Advance Through Bank

Cash/ Cheque/ RTGS/NEFT

For Inter State Transaction VAT Number is Must
Tax Applications NIL
Truck Loading 17 MT: 440 Bags | 21 MT: 540 Bags

25 MT: 645 Bags | 28 MT: 720 Bags

Minimum Order Quantity As per Buyer Requirement & Material Availability with us.
Buyer Branding Offer Yes, for Bulk Orders Only. Buyer has to arrange for Packing Material
Availability During February and  May every year
Inner Packing Low Density Polyethylene Bags of 75 Micron (Optional on Demand)
Outer Packing Poly Propylene (Milky White)
Price Offer On CIF Destination Port Basis or Delivery basis to Nearest Transit Port
Mode of Payment 100% Wire Transfer Only, we don’t accept L/c or SBLC of any nature.
Terms of Trade Mutually Agreeable Basis
Cargo Stuffing in 20’ FCL 600 Bags of 39 Kgs
Total Load Stuffing 23.4 MT in 20’ FCL
Minimum Order Quantity 600 Bags or One 20’ FCL
Nearest Transit Ports Kandla Port, Adani Port and Pipavav Port (of Gujarat State) INDIA
Our Standard Shipping Document
  1. Phytosanitary Certification
  2. Fumigation Certificate
  3. Food Hygiene Certificate from Veterinary Department India


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