The Texas A&M Quail

The The Texas A&M or White Coturnix Quail is a genetically altered bird from the Corturnix specie. This quail was created to be the perfect quail for consumption.

This white quail is some what larger than the regular Coturnix quail it is more the size of the Pharoh Coturnix. You can get between 8 to 10 ounces of white meat out of the Texas A&M quail.

Because of the Texas A&M quail’s quick incubation period and quick maturity rate, they are a great quail for breeder’s to raise for meat purposes.

When raising the White Cotunix quail you just use the same rules as you would for any Japenese quail. The incubation period and maturity rate is the same.

This bird is generally never raised for hunting because they don’t fly very well.