The Medications Used In Quail Food

Most game bird food does have medication in it. The manufacturer of the feed realizes the disease factors that are involved with raising quail. So these medications are added to the food before you purchase it. The medications they will usually add are coccidiostats and/or antibiotics.

When the young quail chicks are moved to the brooder, their immune system is non-existent, so they’re very susceptible to disease. These medications that have been added are to help cut down this risk for your quail chicks.

Coccidiosis is a parasite disease that invades the quails digestive tract. This parasite disease is almost impossible to eliminate all the potential of it becoming a problem even with having the good management and cleaning habits required for raising quail successfully. This leaves only one choice of prevention. This chance is using medicated food. The medication itself is at a very low level in the food, this way you can feed it to the quail in a continuous manner. If the quail somehow still contracted the disease, it can be used at higher levels to help fight the parasite. However, I would recommend consulting a lab for instructions for the proper amount. This medication has the potential of poisoning the quail if given an excessive amount.

If raising your quail for meat purposes, stop this and all medications one week before the quail are to be slaughtered.

As your quail matures and their immune system develops, the need for the coccidiostats in the quails diet will not be needed. This doesn’t mean that your quail will no longer be susceptible to this disease. It just means it’s less likely. If any of the quails you’re raising would happen to contract the parasite, they should be removed from the flock, and either Coban or amprolium should be added to the water.

Antibiotics can also be added to some quail food. The two approved antibiotics for quail are bacitracin and penicillin. I would recommend consulting with your local feed store expert or a lab for further instructions. Adding antibiotics when raising quail can assist in many different ways, it not only helps in maintaining health, but also promotes growth when given to the quail at lower levels.

The recommended dosage of bacitracin is 50 grams per ton of food. This is the highest level permitted by the FDA. It is used to help prevent “quail disease” also known as ulcerative enteritis. If your quail contracted the disease, you may add the antibiotic to the sick quail’s drinking water. It’s not a bad idea to add this particular medication to your quails feed at all times. It will help make your raising quail experience a whole lot easier and give your birds a much healthier and productive life.

Remember, all medications have a label on them for a reason. This is to instruct you on proper use. So if you use them, follow these instructions, your quail’s lives depend on it.