Disease of youngsters that causes an early death without specific symptoms. The cured adult pigeon becomes into carriers and continue eliminating salmonellas, reason why it is preferable to eliminate them. When hatching they can transmit the disease through the pores of the rind of eggs
CAUSAL AGENT: Salmonella Typhimurium
TRANSMISSION: Oral: By the food or the drinking water.
Aerial: By inhalation of the dust.
Ovarian: Of the ovary to the egg.
4 forms
1 – Intestinal: diarrea with thick lees surrounded by snots, elements nondigested in dirty water of brown or green, and frothy color. Thickening of the sewer.
2 – Articulte: of the internal goes to the blood and from there to the joints of greater movement (elbow). Fallen wing
3 – Organic: it attacks all the devices pronouncing itself with a short breath and general weakening.
4 – Nervous: it attacks the brain and the spinal marrow producing:
- loss of balance
- paralysis
- tortícolis (similar to New Castle)
DIAGNOSE Serologic, wich means the antibodies of the blood of the infected animals.
TREATMENT: Antibiotics:
- Tetraciclinas
- Enrofloxacina
- Furazolidona
Minimum 15 days.
PROPHYLAXIS: Cleaning and disinfecting (at least weekly)
1 – 2 days of antibiotics every 15 days
IMPORTANT: It is a ZOONOSE (it can infect the man by a very close contact).


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