Reen Junglefowl (Gallus varius)

Other Names: Javan Junglefowl

Range: Java and surrounding islands.

Subspecies: None.

Habitat: Forests and cultivations near the coast.

Description: Easily distingushed from the other Junglefowl by the large undented comb. The comb is light blue at the bottom near the head and purplish-red elsewhere; there is only on throat lappet or wattle that is colored the same, but with the blue on the outside edges and a yellow patch nearest to the throat. The overall plumage is metallic green and black with patterns on the neck and nape of lighter green and blue; the wings coverts are covered with bronze hackles. The tail is held lower than in other Gallus species; the rump also with narrow hackles that are dark green with yellow borders..

Description, Female: The hen is also much darker than other Junglefowl and is more pheasant-like in size and appearance when compared to the related species. She has no visible comb, birds with so are often hybrids with Red Junglefowl or domestic fowl. Her overall plumage is dark brown above mottled with dark green feathers that form a scaly appearance; light brown below with less mottling.

Status in Wild: Not much is known of its habits in the wild. It is believed that residents of the less populated areas of Java capture and breed Green Junglefowl with their own domestic fowl.

Breeding Season: Mid April to June.

Breeding Age: Some are fertile the first year, however, they are not fully mature until the second year.

Clutch Size: 5 to 10 eggs.

Incubation Period: 21 days.