Red Junglefowl (Gallus gallus)

Range: Throughout most of southeast Asia, from Paksitan and India eastward and south through Sumatra and Indonesia; domesticated form found worldwide.

Subspecies: There are five subspecies with variation in size of facial wattles & combs, length and color of the neck hackles in males. Cochin-Chinese (G. g. gallus), Burmese (G.g. spadiceus), Tonkinese (G. g. jabouillei), Indian (G. g. murghi) and Javan (G. g. bankiva).

Habitat: Varied, most types of forests present in southeast Asia, field edges, groves and scrubland.


Status in Wild: Generally considered common and widespread, but there is a strong possibility that a large number of wild birds have bred with feral domestic chickens.

Interesting Facts: Is the ancestor of all domestic chickens.

Breeding Season: Typically, March through June.

Clutch Size: 5-6

Incubation Period: 18-21 days