Rabbit Breeding is one of the successful projects in the last few years. After extensive and intensive breeding inside commercial farms that use specialized feeds for feeding Rabbits. Rabbits are known for its large production and fast growth unlike other animals. Rabbits as other Animals contribute in increasing and developing the sources of the White Meat. It is easily digested because it is low in Fat (5-6%), low in Cholesterol (25mlg/100 gm) and High in Protein (22-25%) and it has good taste. Rabbits have high production rates of meat in comparison to other farm animals, this is why it is considered an important source of Animal Protein, besides its suitability to be produced on large scale projects as well as small scale and even it could be home bred.

Since rabbits produce 10 times of their weight in a year due to their rapid growth and fast weight gain during the first days of their life. In addition to its high fertility and reproduction (7 times a year) and (8 rabbits for the litter as average). And since its feed components are all vegetarian; it does not need protein of animal source. The food conversion rate for rabbits is High; it reaches up to 35:3 kg of feed to give 1 kg of meat. At this rate rabbits reach the marketing weight (1.5-2kg) at the early age of  (8-10weeks).

The annual nutritional requirements for each (10 mothers + 2 males + 300 young rabbit) is about 3 tons of ANUPAM Feed Mesh without any other additions such as alfalfa, straw or other grass individually. If the Nutrition is offered properly, then it would be possible to make use of its Genetic Capabilities for Local and Imported Breeds ,raise the productivity of the herd and achieve high growth rates.

Hindustan Animal Feeds (HAF) has committed itself to improve the feed and to increase the vital value to give the rabbit all its nutritional needs during the different stages of growth since the proper nutrition is the indicator that determines the success of the breeding, and the income gained by the breeder.  When the breeder is more familiar with the nutritional matters, then the breeding shall be economical and profitable and thus achieves its objectives. From this stand point HAF provided Balanced Feed Mesh for (mothers and fattening rabbits), that is economic to help achieve a successful breeding.