Prolapse of the Vagina and Cervix

Prolapse of the vagina and cervix commonly occurs in the last third of pregnancy including the immediate pre-farrowing period.



  • In the early stages the protruding tissues appear between the lips of the vulva and return to their normal position when the sow stands.
  • With advancing pregnancy the prolapse may remain to the exterior and as soon as this occurs the animal should be removed from it’s existing environment and loose-housed.
  • The tissues become swollen with time.

Piglets, Weaners & Growers

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Causes / Contributing factors

  • It occurs usually in older fatter sows that are heavy in pig.
  • It is a response to increased abdominal pressure together with a relaxation of the internal structures that support the neck of the womb.
  • It is more common in older sows.
  • Sows housed on tethers with slippery floors are more prone.
  • Stalls or tethers with floors that slopes too steeply to the rear predispose.
  • High levels of starchy feed intake, produce excess fermentation and gas and an increase in abdominal pressure.


This is by clinical signs. It may be confused with eversion of the bladder but may be differentiated by handling the tissues.


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