Mikado Pheasant (Syrmaticus mikado)

Subspecies: None recognized.

Range: Central Taiwan.

Subspecies: None recognized.

Habitat: Mountain broadleaf, coniferous and mixed forests from 5,000 to 10,000 feet.

Brief Description: Males are much darker than other species of the genus, being purplish-black overall. The tail and rump have narrow white bars as do the wing coverts. The face wattles are bright red; the bill, legs and feet are gray.

Brief Description, Female: Females are very similar to other Syrmaticus species and are often confused and inadvertently crossed with Elliot’s and Bar-tailed. Mikado hens are darker than the other species, lack the dark throat of the Elliot’s and the white markings on the breast are more pronounced than the Bar-tailed. The tail is barred with brown, black and white.

Breeding Season: Mikado have been known to lay as early as March, but April to June the most common season in America.

Breeding Age: Males will attain their adult plumage their first year and are often fertile at this age as well. First year hens will lay and are sometimes fertile.

Clutch Size: 5 to 10 eggs.

Incubation Period: 27 to 28 days.