Koklass (Pucrasia macrolopha)

Other Names: Koklass Pheasant

Range: This species has a wide range across asia, from Afganistan to China. The range is not continuous and in some cases the subspecies are seperated by quite a distance. Of the most common subspecies kept in American aviculture, the nominate race, the Indian or Common Koklass, is found in north-central India and southern Nepal; the Western Koklass is found in eastern Afghanistan and Pakistan and the Yellow-necked Koklass is native to north-eastern China.

Subspecies: Indian Koklass (Pucrasia macrolopha macrolopha), Western Koklass (P. m. castanea), Kashmir Koklass (P. m. biddulphi), Meyer’s Koklass (P. m. meyeri), Orange-collared Koklass (P. m. ruficollis), Yellow-necked Koklass (P. m. xanthospila), Joret’s Koklass (P. m. joretiana), Darwin’s Koklass (P. m. darwini).

Habitat: In mountainous areas of coniferous or mixed forests.

Breeding Season: April to June.

Breeding Age: First year.

Clutch Size: 9-12 eggs.

Incubation Period: 26-27 days.