Grower Management

As Emu chicks grow, they require a bigger size of waters and feeders and increased floor space. Identify sexes and rear them separately. If necessary, place sufficient paddy husk in the pen to manage the litter in good and dry condition. Feed the birds on grower mash till birds attain 34 weeks age or 25 kg body weight. Offer greens about 10% of diet particularly different kinds of leaf meals for making the birds eat adopt to fibrous diets. Provide clean water all the time and offer feed as much as they want. Ensure dry litter condition through out the grower stage. If necessary add required quantity of paddy husk to the pen. Provide 40ft x 100 ft space for 40 birds if out door space is considered. Floor must be easily drained and avoid dampness. Restrain the younger birds by securing the body by side ways and hold the body firmly. Sub adults and adults can be secured by holding the wing by side way and held the bird by grabbing both the wings and place by dragging closely to a persons legs. Never allow bird to kick. Bird can kick side ways and front ways. Hence, better securing and firm holding is necessary to avoid harming the bird as well as person.

Ostrich requires larger facilities for better exercise. Floor space requirements 2-2.5, 3.5-4.0 and 5 square meters per bird are required at 4-6, 7-14 and over 14 months age respectively. Run space is also required at 50-400 square meters per bird depending on age.

 Important Facts Related to Management of  Growing Chicks:

  • Monitor flock at least once daily for alertness of birds, feeding and watering troughs.
  • Notice leg deformities, droppings. Identify and isolate ailing birds
  • Practice all- in –all- out system. Never keep in the vicinity of the adult birds.
  • Never keep the sharp objects, pebbles in the vicinity of the birds. Birds are mischievous and grab any thing that comes in their vicinity.
  • Never handle or disturb the birds for restraining or vaccination during the hot weather conditions.
  • Provide cool and clean water through out the day.