Crested Argus (Rheinartia ocellata)

Other Names: Rheinard’s/Ocellated Argus Pheasant

Subspecies: Rheinard’s Crested Argus R. o. ocellata, Malay Crested Argus R. o. nigrescens.

Range: R. o. ocellata – Central Vietnam, Eastern Laos; R. o. nigrescens – Central Peninsular Malaysia.

Habitat: Tropical forests.

Description: Unmistakable, may only be confused with the Great Argus in central Malaysia, but tail is longer in male, head pattern distinctive with ; most noticeable feature are the central tail feathers which are up to 5 inches wide and nearly 6 foot long in adult males. Males attain their adult plumage the third year, but will the tail may not reach full length until the sixth year. Crests are longer in nigrescens and the overall plumage with more pronounced spotting than ocellata.

Description, Female: Smaller than the male, with a much shorter tail; darker overall, the plumage is more barred than spotted as in the males; they have a distinctive head pattern and are also crested.