CAUSAL AGENT: A tiny parasite. Two species:
Eimeria Labbeana
Eimeria Columbarum
SYMPTOMS: Two forms:
Clinical: proper of the adult pigeon. There is no symptom but it diminishes the sport perfomance. There is a certain immunity.
Itself: It attacks young pigeons at the third week of age. Watery and faded faecal material, sometimes with blood (never liquid and green). Loss of weight and forms. Loss of color of the rainbow of the eye, changes grayish. Mucous of the mouth and the throat becomes pale (anemia). Opaque plumage.
DIAGNOSE: Analysis of faecal material.
TREATMENT: Sulfamidas “the continued use in the eye, causes damages at renal level”
Toltazuril (Baycox Mr.)
PROPHYLAXIS: Alternate the above-mentioned drugs every 30 days in a preventive form. Possibility to use this treatment together with the one against trichomonas. Once finished the treatment, give vitamins during 3-4 days. Deep cleaning and general disinfection (do not forget that the eggs of coccidios reproduce in the accumulated faecal matter in the floor or trays being necessary three conditions: temperature, humidity and oxygen. Therefore we must prevent the humidity).


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