Chinese Monal (Lophophorus lhuysii)

Other Names: Chinese Impeyan

Range: Central China

Habitat: Coniferous forests and alpine meadows up to 16,000 feet and 9,000 feet in winter.

Brief Description: The largest of the Monals. Male similar to the Himalayan Monal, but having a bushy, drooping crest which is an ireidescent purple-bronze; the head is metallic green; orbital skin blue; hindneck and mantle coppery gold; neck, throat and chin black; lower back is white (concealed when not in flight); underparts black. The female differs from impeyanus in have a blacker back with the feathers barred; the lower back is white. Underparts blackish-brown, with buff streaks.

Status in Aviculture: Not kept in private collections. It is believed that the only birds in captivity outside of China are at the San Diego Zoo.

Clutch Size: 3 to 5 eggs.

Incubation Period: 28 days.