Brown Eared-Pheasant (Crossoptilon mantchuricum)

Other Names: Manchurian Eared-Pheasant

Range: Northeastern China

Subspecies: Monotypic

Habitat: Mountainous, mixed coniferous and decidous forests.

Description: Large brown pheasant, the top of the head is covered with velvety black feathers, the “ears” are white and start beneath the chin and extend back over the ears. The facial skin is scarlet red. The neck is black with a purplish sheen that shades into brown on to the lower back and wings. The base of the tail is silvery gray, the plumes of the tail are dark brown. Immature birds are mottled brown and will attain adult plumage by five months. Sexes are similar, but can be distinguished by looking at the spur. The spurs on the males are larger and round. The female’s are much smaller and are oblong in shape. The spurs will begin to be noticeable at about four months of age.

Breeding Season: April to June.

Breeding Age: Second year.

Clutch Size: 5 to 8 eggs.

Incubation Period: 26-27 days.