Bronze-tailed Peacock-Pheasant (Polyplectron chalcurum)

Other Names: Lesson’s or Sumatran Peacock-Pheasant.

Range: Endemic to Sumatra.

Subspecies: Two, South Sumatran (P. c. chalcurum) and North Sumatran (P. c. scutulatum). There is debate on the validity of scutulatum as a subspecies.

Habitat: Montane forests.

Brief Description: One of the smallest of all pheasants. Only Polyplectron species with no ocelli. Both sexes show no crest and facial area feathered with no bare skin. Males have long pointed tails with metallic purple patches near tip. Females are similar to males, but smaller with a shorter tail. Differences between chalcurum and scutulatum are slight as there is a great deal of variations between individuals.

Status in Wild: Not yet listed as endangered, but range is small and always threatened by habitat loss.

Clutch Size: Two eggs

Incubation Period: 22 days