Bar-tailed Pheasant (Syrmaticus humiae)

Other Names: Hume’s Pheasant, Black-necked Bar-tailed Pheasant

Range: Northeastern India, northern Burma (Myanmar) and Thailand, southwestern China.

Subspecies: Hume’s (S. h. humiae) and Burmese (S. h. burmanicus).

Habitat: Open forests.

Description: humiae Crown and nape olive brown; throat, neck, upper breast and mantle steel blue; other body regions metallic rich chestnut with purplish tinge, three white bars seen when wing closed. The lower back and rump barred dark blue and white; tail gray with black and chestnut bars. burmanicus similar, having a more purplish tint and darker neck; the barring of the lower back darker with broader white barring.

Description, female: Subspecies very similar; much like the Elliot’s female, lacking black throat and having a barred abdomen. Overall grayish buff, mantle barred black with each feather having a white arrow-shaped marking.

Breeding Season: April-May.

Breeding Age: First year.

Clutch Size: 6-11 eggs.

Incubation Period: 27-28 days.