Anupam Non-Heating Endurance Mix

Endurance Mix provides digestible and fully balanced complete feed to meet the demanding nutritional requirements of the Endurance Horse. Vitamins, minerals, soluble fiber, oil and an optimum high quality protein content enable the best possible performance.


LIGHT Quiet hacking, light schooling
MODERATE Daily hacking for 1-2 hours, 1/2 hour to an hour of schooling, riding club competitions
HARD Intensive schooling sessions, regular show jumping, endurance, dressage competitions
INTENSE Endurance riding (>80 Km) racing, 3 day eventing


  • Compare our nutrients and ingredients with other products – we cannot be beaten on quality and use only the most appropriate feed materials for the horse.
  • Complete feed with hay only, no need to add alfalfa.
  • No water added to the feed.

Nutritional guidelines:

- We recommend ANUPAM NON HEATING Endurance Mix.(H-0811)

11.0 % Crude Protein
8.0 % Crude Fat
10.0 % Crude Fiber
1.2 % Calcium
0.7 % Phosphorus
7.0 % Ash


Barley, Fine bran, Soya, Deoiled Cakes, Pulses, Grains, Vegetable Fat, Mineral Salts, Trace Elements, Vitamins Electrolytes, Yeast and Probiotics.

ANUPAM Endurance Horse Feeding:

ANUPAM Endurance feed also benefits from the advantages of Yeas Sac, an important constituent ingredient.

The benefits of feeding Yeas-Sac to horses and ponies include:

  • Improving fiber digestibility.
  • Improving phosphorus and calcium metabolism (good for bone development).
  • Balancing hindgut function (fewer digestive upsets).
  • Improving coat and hoof condition.
  • Enhancing milking and broodmare condition during lactation.
  • Enhancing balanced growth in youngsters.

Forage and Water

- All ANUPAM Horse Feeds should be given with good quality forage and clean water. Coarse digestible fiber is first and foremost, so high quality Grass and Fresh Dried Grass(Hay) forms the foundation of the feed. This also fulfils the innate chewing desire that all horses have, producing salivary buffers for gastric acid and helping to prevent sharp edges on teeth, caused by the reduced jaw action employed when chewing cereal meals.

- Vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin E and Selenium are elevated to meet new published requirements, along with Electrolytes to replace minerals lost through sweat and help prevent premature fatigue in working and competition horses.
Energy is supplied by pure Vegetable Oil, which is well digested by the horse and promotes calm, sustained energy.

ANUPAM Endurance MIX is a unique, natural feed which we believe will help pioneer a return to more natural feeding of horses whereby their evolved digestive physiology is a primary consideration. It is important for us all to understand the fundamentals of the equine digestive system and realize how far removed the horse is now from his natural habitat and environment. By providing a suitable diet we will get great benefits to both the health and performance of the horse.